Members – Quebec

Ethnic Press Members in Quebec

A Voz De Portugal

The Voice of Portugal

4231 St-Laurant Blvd, Montréal QC H2W 1Z4

Contact Person: Sylvio Martins, Eduino Martins

Phone #: 514-284-1813, 1-866-684-1813




Armenian Weekly Newspaper

825 Manoogian Street, Saint-Laurent QC

Contact Person: Arsene Mamourian

Phone #: 514-747-6680

Fax #: 514-747-6162



Al Mustakbal

Published in Arabic

276 – 1400, rue Sauvé O., Saint-Laurent QC H4N 1C5

Contact Person: Marie Réjouli

Publisher: Joseph Nakhle

Phone #: 514-747-0000

Fax #: 514-747-1903




Published in Arabic

PO Box 144, St. Martin, Laval QC H7V 3P4

Contact Person: Abderrahim Sawmali

Phone #: 514-924-4410, 450-663-6601

Fax #: 450-663-7066




Published in Arabic

418 – 9600 boul. St-Laurent, Montréal QC H2N 1R1

Contact Person: Ghassan Tueini



Bizim Anadolu

Focuses on Turkish communities in Canada and news from Turkey.

PO Box 1372 Desjardins, Montréal QC

Contact Person: Omer F. Ozen

Phone #: 514-593-8698

Fax #: 514-593-8698



Canada and Arab World

307 rue Barton, Mont-Royal QC H3P 1N2

Contact Person: Fares Attar

Phone #: 514-345-0160

Fax #: 514-345-9473



Canadian Jewish News (Quebec)

Canada’s largest Jewish Weekly

341 – 6900 Decarie Blvd, Square Decarie, Montréal QC H3X 2T8

Contact Person: Jeff Rosen

Phone #: 514-735-2612

Fax #: 514-735-9090



Carusos Arts Critics


309 – 7905 Querbes, Montréal QC H3N 2C2

Contact Person: Panagiotis Karousos

Phone #: 514-227-1036



Cena Canadense

Serving Brazilian community

460 Boul des Allumettiéres, Gatineau QC J8X 1M5

Contact Person: Claudio Tostes

Phone #: 849-503-1852



Chinese News

Serving Chinese community

200 Rene-Levesque West, Niveau 00-4#, Montréal QC H2Z 1X4

Phone #: 514-842-5689, 519-842-1723

Fax #: 514-842-8024



Chinese Press, The /La Presse Chinoise

Serving Chinese community

2nd Flr – 1123, rue Clark, Montréal QC J5W 2H5

Contact Person: Chau Crescent

Phone #: 514-397-9969

Fax #: 514-397-9929




Italian monthly consumer magazine produced for business people and professionals. Topics: information on politics, daily events and culture

1081, bas de l’Assomption Nord, Assomption QC J5W 2H5

Contact Person: Pascal Barrasso

Phone #: 450-589-7195

Fax #: 450-589-4485



Das Echo

Published in German

PO Box 27, Pointe-Claire QC H9R 4N5

Contact Person: Paul C. Walter

Phone #: 514-335-3653, 1-888-522-3653



Echo Des Immigrants

Published in French

73b, rue Marengere, Gatineau QC J8T 3T7

Contact Person: Kashiba Isidore

Phone #: 819-661-8646



El-Masri Newspaper

Community activities, local and national news, sports, arts and women’s interests. Distributed in Quebec and Ontario. Published in Arabic

879, av. St-Charles, Chomedey, Laval QC H7V 3T5

Contact Person: Adel Iskander

Phone #: 450-687-0273, 514-944-2282

Fax #: 450-681-0804

Email: ,



224 Pl. De Noirmoutier, Laval-des-Rapides QC H7N 5M2

Contact Person: Farid Fouad Zémokhol

Phone #: 514-745-2972, 450-901-0145

Fax #: 450-901-0143



Greek Canadian Tribune/Ellinokanadiko Vima

For Greek-speaking Canadians in Greater Montreal and Ottawa

7835-B Wiseman Avenue, Montréal QC H3N 2N8

Contact Person: Christos Manikis

Phone #: 514-272-6873

Fax #: 514-272-3157

Email: ,


H Poh

Published in Greek

2975 Brighton, Montréal QC H3S 1T7

Contact Person: Kostas Georgoulis

Phone #: 514-342-0808

Fax #: 514-344-0274



Horizon Weekly

Serving Armenian community

3401 Olivar Asselin, Montréal QC H4J 1L5

Editor-in-Chief: Vahakn Karakachian

Contact Person: Jacques Verbedian

Phone #: 514-332-3757



Il Cittadino Canadese

Published in Italian

209 – 5690 Jeantalon East, Montréal QC H1S 1M2

Contact Person: Antonio Pannuzzo

Publisher: Basilio Giordano

Phone #: 514-253-2332

Fax #: 514-253-6574



Indus Post

9116 Richmond, Brossard QC J4X 2R9

Contact Person: Baldev Grover

Phone #: 450-923-9200



Jornal Do Emigrante

Published in Portuguese and French

4276, boul St. Laurent, Montréal QC H2W 1Z3

Contact Person: Isaias Lopes

Phone #: 514-843-3863


La Cause Armenienne/The Armenian Cause

Published in Armenian

3401, rue Olivar-Asselin, Montréal QC H4J 1L5

Contact Person: Lalig Papazian

Phone #: 514-334-1299

Fax #: 514-334-6853



La Voce Euro-Canada

News and Commentary on Economics, Politics, Sports and Tourism. Published in Italian

5127, rue Jean-Talon est, St-Léonard QC H1S 1K8

Contact Person: Arturo Tridico

Phone #: 514-727-7763, 460-681-3107

Fax #: 514-374-6568


La Voz

Published in Spanish

6225 Place North Crest, Montréal QC H3S 2T5

Contact Person: Basilio Giordano

Phone #: 514-253-2739

Fax #: 514-343-9697

Email: ,



Published in Spanish

7201, ave Papineau, Montréal QC H2E 2G7

Contact Person: José Ramos

Phone #: 514-374-2209, 514-862-8020

Fax #: 514-374-5115



Le Journal Chinois de Montréal

Serving Chinese Community

1274 Gohier, Saint-Laurent QC H4L 3J9

Phone #: 514-747-5731

Fax #: 514-747-7032



Les Nouvelles Chinoises

Serving Chinese Community

200, boul Rene-Levesque Ouest, N.00 Loc 04 Com. Guy-Favreau, Montréal QC H2Z 1X4

Contact Person: James Zhang

Phone #: 514-842-5689



Luby Chinese Weekly Newspaper

Serving Chinese Community

M09 – 1111 St-Urbain, Montréal QC H2Z 1Y6

Phone #: 514-875-6806, 514-397-9513

Fax #: 514-875-6806



Luceafarul Romanesc

Published in Romanian

PO Box 1163, Stn H, Montréal QC H3G 2N1

Contact Person: Dan Fornade

Phone #: 514-934-0450

Fax #: 514-933-3903

Email: ,


Magya Kronika

5211 Hingston Avenue, Montréal QC H2W 1Z3

Contact Person: Maria Mailat

Phone #: 514-482-8136

Email: ,


North American Filipino Star

5320-A Queen Mary Rd, Montréal QC H3X 1T7

Contact Person: Zenaida Ferry Benali-Kharroubi

Phone #: 514-485-7861

Fax #: 514-485-3076



Payvand Communications

550 Elmridge Ave., Suite 33, Dorval QC H9S 1G1

Contact Person: Mohammad Rahimian

Phone #: 541-996-9692



Rund Brief Journal

Published in German

32 Chemin de Lachalade, Larraine QC J6Z 1W4

Contact Person: Peter Linecker

Phone #: 450-969-6779



Voice of Community/Golos Obszhini, The

Russian newspaper published in Montreal and the province of Quebec. Provides information for new immigrants in order to help them integrate into their new life. Published in Russian

308 Blue Haven Drive, Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC H9G 2K3

Contact Person: Mark Groysbers

Phone #: 514-573-7282

Fax #: 514-696-9493