Category Individuals:
Distinguished Services
1.- Hon. Joseph Volpe Italian
Publisher “Corriere Canadese”

2.- Roland Sintos Coloma, PhD Filipino
Assistant Dean and Professor
Division of Teachers Education
Wayne State University Detroit

3.- Mihkel Ranniste European
President, Anderson College
For Providing Outstanding Educational
Programs and Career.

4.- Adil Mama Canadian
For his outstanding services to government of Ontario

5.- Mr. Rasulan Hoppie South Asian
School Principal
For his outstanding services to Education

6.- Ms. Sharmila Sundaralingam Tamil
For Her community involvement and the Innovating ideas
And programs she implemented at the work place

7- Zoi Iliopoulou Montréal
For Distinguished services to Montréal Community

8.- Aristotelis Koutlemanis Toronto
For Distinguished services to Toronto Greek Community.

1.- Ms. Frances DelSol Dominican
Trade and Investment Commissioner for Dominica
Services Rendered to Good Arts and Culture

1.- Kamran Ahmadi Afghan
For his Distinguished talent, creativity and services to Good Arts and Culture
2.-Meena Chopra Hindi
For Her Distinguished work, creativity and love to Good Arts and Letters

3.-Muhammad Muzharul Haque Bangladeshi
For his distinguished work, serving the Good Arts

4.-Giota Hatzigeorgiadou Greek
For Her distinguished work, Love and Services to Good Arts

5.-Pinelopi Kapetanoudi Greek
For Her Distinguished Work, Creativity and Services to Good Arts

6.-Eleni Konstantinidou Greek
For Her Distinguished Work, Creativity and Services to Good Arts

7.-Marianna Patinioti Greek
For Her Distinguished Work, Creativity, Love and Service to Good Arts

8.- Isabel Grosvenor Filipino
For Her Distinguished Work, creativity, Love and Service to Good Arts

9.- Gil Filipino
For Her Distinguished Work, creativity and Service to Good Arts

Life Time Services Rendered to Journalism
(Exceptional Services Rendered to Community Media)

1.- Dimitris Vohaitis Greek
Journalist Print and Radio

2.- Ahmad Shah Hotaki Afghani
Publisher of “Afghan Post”

3.- Ishkhan Ghazarian Armenian

4.- Mulugeta Zergaber Eritrean

Magazines 2018
1.- Leila Monteiro Lins Brazilian
Editor-In-Chief “Discover” Magazine

2.- Eugenia Bakchinow Russian
Editor In Chief “be Healthy” Magazine

3. – Snezana Ivkovic
Editor “SAN” Magazine Serbian
Services Rendered to Ethnic Press of Canada

1.- Ka Ming Lui Chinese
CEO “Ming Pao Newspapers”

2.- Abdul Ahaed Khandakar Bangladeshi
Editor In Chief “Vorar Alo”

3.- Mohamed Busuri Somali
Editor “Somali Canadian Times”

4.- Katerina Gerasklis Greek
Editor In Chief “the Greek Press”

5. – Kathy L. Lin Chinese
Publisher “Chinese Canadian Times”

1.- Shahidul Islam Mintu Bangladeshi

2.- Norman A. Hart Caribbean
Vice President ”Commffest”

3.- Roger Dundas Caribbean

Special Recognitions for providing many years of Excellent service to communities

1.- Logan Logendralingam Tamil
Editor In Chief Uthayan Canada

2.- Athanasios Kourtesis Greek
Editor In Chief “Hellas News”

3.- Susana Donan Latino
Publisher El Centro

4.- Harry Malawi Arabic
Editor In Chief
“Canadian Arab Network Media”
Journalists with Disability
In the face of the next receiver Mr. Ersoy Kalkan, we are saluting and recognizing all our colleagues facing physical challenges, for their courage and the will to participate in the progress of our society.

1.- Ersoy Kalkan Turkish
“Radio Perfect Canadian Turkish Community”


1. Gurpreet Singh Sahota Urdu
Editor “CK News Group BC”
2.- Rattan Mall
Editor In Chief “Indo Canadian Voice” South Asian

3.- Kal Dosanjh
Veteran Police Officer

4.- Kamal Dhillon Hindi
Author, Speaker and Counselor.

5.- Sima Ghaffarzadeh Persian
Editor In Chief “Hamyaari Magazine”

6.- Maria-Margoth Ayala Spanish
Editor In Chief “SPANGLISH Magazine”

7.- Alexander Kivritsky
Producer Radio Vera (Vancouver) Russian

8.- Wong Jae Song Korean
Publisher, “The Diversity Times/ Korean Times”
Winnipeg, MB