Distinguished Services
Category: “Distinguished Services”
1. Mr. Armand P. La Barge (Ret) Chief (Public Service/ Humanities/ Diversity
York Regional Police
2. Inspector Ricky Veerappan Public Service/ Social Justice/ Equality
York Regional Police
3. Mr. Chris A. Adamopoulos, Humanities/ Social Justice/ Letters
(Montreal) Greek
4. Ms. Elaine Dundon, MBA. Humanities/ Social Justice/Culture
5. His Worship, Delano Velasquez Europa, JP Community/ Humanities/ Social Justice
6. Mr. Vinayagar Kandavanam, Humanities/Arts/Letters
“Life Time Achievements” Tamil
7. Mr. Apkar Mirakian, Community Service/ Humanities/Social Justice

8. Dr. Alexandros Pattakos, Ph.D. Arts/Science/ Humanities
9. Dr. Marat Ressin, Ph.D Humanities/ Community/ Culture

Category: Individuals
1. Mahmoud Baher Formuli, Community/Humanities/Arts Afghani
2. Martin Van Denzen, Community/Humanities/ Arts Duch
3. Sarath Kumarasinghe Sports/ Arts/ Humanities Singalese
4. Neel Nanda, Humanities/ Social Justice/ Culture Hindi
5. Luke Hezlyn Stocking, Humanities/ Arts/ Community Canadian
6. Kamal Taravati, Community/Arts/ Humanities Iranian
7. Suhanthy Tharmasrirajah, Social Justice/ Diversity/ community Tamil

Category Journalists:
(For Exceptional Services Rendered to Community Media)
1. Raffi Der- Bogossian (Life Time Achievements) Armenian
2. Susana Donan (Service and commitment to freedom of the Press) Latino
3. Ahmad Shah Hotaki (Democracy and freedom of the press) Afghani
4. Hermie Garcia (Free Expression/ Human Rights) Filipino
5. Kathy L. L. Lin (Long and productive dedication to community Service and information)
(Liang Liang Tsai) Chinese
6. John Saraidaris (Dedication, Integrity and Virtue, in Journalism) Greek

Category Newspapers:
(Excellence in Editorial concept, Art and Visual Presentation)
(Distinctive Services and Achievements in Media)
1. SI News Mesopotamian
Metin Ciyayi Publisher/ Editor In Chief Arabic
2. North News Portuguese
Denis Guedes, Brito Publisher/ Editor In Chief
3. Jang Canada Urdu
Ashraf Khan Editor In Chief
4. Filipiniana Filipino
Bin Kon Loo Publisher/ Editor In Chief
5. Thoi Bao (Alberta) Vietnamese
Ms. Kyra Phong Lu Publisher/Editor in Chief
6. “Ancorman” Newspaper Sri Lankan
Mr. Dirk Tissera Publisher/ Editor in Chief
Category Magazines:
(Best Editorial Concept and Visual Presentation)
1. “Be Healthy” Russian
Eugenia Bakchinow Publisher/ Editor-In-Chief

2. Manitoba Chinese Tribune Chinese
Ms. Hong-Helen Wang Publisher/ Editor-In- Chief
3. “Etc & Tal” Brazilian
Ms. Isa Melo Editor-In-Chief
4. “Cah San” Serbian
Ms. Vesna Nedic Editor-In-Chief
5. “Swedish Press” (B.C.) Swedish
Mr. Claes Fredriksson Publisher/ Editor In Chief
Category: Radio & Television
Exceptional Services to Media
(Best Concept, Audition, Presentation)

1. “Voice of Lanka” Television program Singhalese
Ranjit Wickramasinghe Director/ Producer

2. Vadim Mankauskas TV Director/ Producer Russian

3. “Independent” Newspaper (Digital) Caribbean
Raynier Maharaj Publisher / Editor-In-Chief

4. GazetaGazeta @ Polcast Radio Program Polish
Malgorzata P. Bonikowska Director/ Producer