A call for our monthly meeting for Monday NOVEMBER 09, 2015

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Office of the President

OCTOBER 21, 2015


Please be advised that our monthly meeting for NOVEMBER 09, 2015 is called as planned for Monday NOVEMBER 09, 2015. The meeting is called from 6:00 pm to 9:30 at committee room N# 3, 2nd floor, Toronto City Hall, Toronto On.
I took the liberty to invite on your behalf as speaker the new leader of the Ontario PC Party Mr. Patrick Brown.
To this extend please notify my office as soon as possible of your intensions to attend and how many person are attending from your organization.
Parking will be available for the members at the underground City Hall Parking lot as Register Parking.
Please note that if you go to public parking you have to pay and the office cannot pay you the payed amount.
To this extend only members requested parking and submitted names will be allowed to use this facility. When you reach the bar of the parking lot please use the bottom and report to security that you are attending the meeting of the NEPMCC. He will open the bar for your so you can leave there your Car.
Please bring with you a chq of either $50 or $ 30.00 dollars for your annual membership fees. Also be informed that Tickets for the annual get together are now on sale by Ned Blair. Please bring with you a chq for the amount of Tickets you need. If you have any problems entering the building please call me on my cell 416- 996 4229

I am looking forward to welcome you to our meeting.

Thank you,

Thomas S. Saras

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