A call for our monthly meeting for Monday JANUARY 18, 2016

Posted on by John (Ioannis) Saraidaris

Office of the President

DECEMBER 26, 2015

A call for our monthly meeting for Monday JANUARY 18, 2016
Please allow me to express my best wishes to all of you for a very successful New Year with good Health and happiness.
Taking this opportunity I want to inform you that our monthly meeting for JANUARY, 2016, is called as planned for Monday JANUARY 18, 2016.
The meeting is called from 6:00 pm to 9:30 at committee room N#2, second floor, TORONTO CITY HALL, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto On.
At this point please allow me to inform you that our main speaker is going to be the Hon. John McCallum, MP, minister of Immigration Canada, (unconfirmed as of today).
To this extend please notify my office as soon as possible of your intensions to attend and how many person are attending from your organization. I will make parking arrangements with the security of the Toronto City Hall. In order to accommodate you I need to know if you attend or not. If you have any problems entering the building please call me on my cell 416- 996 4229 or Maria Voutsinas.
I am looking forward to welcome you to our meeting.
Thank you,
Thomas S. Saras

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