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SENECA COLLEGE MARKHAM CAMPUS Hwy 404  and 7 corner Friday Dec 6 to Sunday December 8, 2013 For Information Please Call: 416 921 8926  /416 996 4229  or  



 Professional Development Conference and Training Seminars

Seneca College, Markham campus, December 6-8, 2013


Hwy 404  and 7 corner

Friday Dec 6 to Sunday December 8, 2013

For Information Please Call:

416 921 8926  /416 996 4229  or




1. The Art of Effective Business Networking

  • Dr. Donna Messer, Canadas Queen of Business Networking
    President, ConnectUs Canada
"Speaker", "journalist", "author", "coach", "trainer", "advisor", "facilitator", "mentor" and "leader" are all words that describe Donna Messer to a tee. Look closer, however, and you'll see that a common theme runs through them all – a love of people. For more than two decades, Ms. Messer renowned expert on and promoter of the often overlooked, true currency of business – personal relationships – how to forge, nurture and leverage them to enable those who properly cultivate these relationships to put them to mutual benefit. As President of ConnectUs Canada, Donna Messer's contact network extends well into the tens of thousands – a network that she routinely and freely shares with her clients, associates and acquaintances via the extensive speaking engagements and workshops she holds around the world.

2. Why Local News Matters

  • April Lindgren, Canadian Ethnic Community Media Specialist
    Associate Professor
    School of Journalism, Ryerson University
April Lindgren has worked as a political and economic reporter on Parliament Hill and Queens Park for more than 20 years and is the Founding Director of the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre. She also leads the Local News Research Project,

3. The Cost-Benefits of Quality and Time;
How to Secure Business Viability and Sustainability

  • Dr. George Andrew Gekas,FCMA, CMA in Residence
    Associate Professor of Business Administration
    Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management
George Gekas is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management, Ryerson University. Prior to his appointment to Ryerson Dr. Gekas taught for over 25 years at several different universities in Canada, the USA, and Europe. His academic career includes appointments with the University College of Cape Breton, Algoma University, University of Maryland, the American College of Greece and the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Gekas is committed to a number of non-profit organizations in a variety of capacitiesanddemonstrates expertise in their advisement and administration,with a genuine interest balanced perspectives in the issues of community and social development.

4. ‘The 5 Pillars of Me, Inc.; Your Strategic Business Roadmap

  • Dr. Gabriel Huston
    Professor, School of International Business, Faculty of Business
    Seneca College
    Global Ambassador-in-Chief, YPBB, Batak Indigenous First Peoples
Gabriel Huston is an educator, proud Senecan andhumanitarian; a life-long learner and mentor who partners in intercultural business communication, ethics, CSR, corporate and NGOgovernance, enterprise innovation and international strategic management to champion the harmonious development between sustainable business and societal opportunity for solutions in our global ‘flat-world’ reality. In 2012 Gabriel authored A National Socio-Economic Report on Canada’s Community-Based Ethnic Press and Media for the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, and is honoured to coordinate the NEPMCC 2013 Professional Development Conference and Training Seminars through the financial support of the Government of Canada Department through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage, the members of the NEPMCC,Seneca College and all of our respected academia, conference sponsors and particularly our Seneca student ‘in-kind’ volunteers.

5. Partnering in Best Practices; Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Dr. Gabriel Huston

6. Editorial and Journalistic 360 ⁰Authenticity, Transparency and Accountability

  • Paula Todd, Lawyer, Professor, Leading National Author &Journalist, Advocate for Justice
    Professor, School of Media and Marketing
    Seneca College
Paula Todd is a Canadian journalist, investigative reporter, broadcaster, lawyer and author. She is a professor of broadcast and print journalism at Seneca@York, and is a frequent speaker on reporting, literacy and freedom of the press. Todd sits on the Board of Directors of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and chairs its Digital Issues Committee. In 2012, she travelled with Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams to Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico as a journalist embedded with the Nobel Women's Initiative's investigation into escalating attacks on women and human rights defenders. In 2012, she published an eBook about Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka. She was commissioned in 2012 to write two non-fiction books for publishing house McClelland & Stewart.

7. The Law of Defamation

  • Paula Todd

8. Professional Writing and Interview Skills& Best Practices

  • Barbara Caines, Senior Canadian Broadcast Journalistand Media Leader
    Coordinator / Professor
    School of Media and Marketing, Seneca College
Barbara (Ondrusek) Caines is an award-winning journalist, journalism professor, and Coordinator of the journalism programs at Seneca College. Under her tutelage, Seneca journalism and TV students earned 1st place at the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada Awards for "Best Newscast - content, production, and performance". Recently, the Ontario Government awarded her the LIFT Award for teaching excellence at Ontario’s post-secondary institutions. This 30-year broadcasting veteran created the Summer Institute of Broadcast Journalism at Seneca College 13-years ago, a program which is recognized world-wide, with graduates earning anchoring and reporting positions in national and international markets, including the United States, Brazil, and Paris, France. Barbara started her journalism career with the CBC in Toronto 3-decades ago. Some of her highlights include being named the country's 1st female Sportscaster to host daily/nightly programs and Canada's 1st female Sports Director. The Detroit Free Press named her one of the "Top 10" Sportscasters/Reporters in the U.S.A. for her coverage of the Detroit Red Wings hockey player, Bob Probert. Ms. Caines has won numerous national and international awards for her radio documentaries, as well as her reportage, hosting special events and TV documentaries. She has also hosted "Health Matters", the 6:00 & 11:00 Evening News on CBC, Newsworld and Newsworld International. Harvard University named her "Best Canadian Investigative Health Journalist" in 2000. Ms. Caines was recruited by Seneca College to spearhead and develop its Broadcast Journalism Program(s), which she's done for the past 13-years.

9. 360-Degree Digital Marketing Strategies for New Audiences

  • Hamza Khan, Digital Strategist, Entrepreneur, Media Business Success Guru
    Professor, Seneca College,
    also to the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
    and Ryerson University
Hamza Khan is today’s digital strategist. He delivers expertise and proven ‘know-how’ in social media and digital marketing through his passion for helping brands win. Hamza currently leads digital strategy at Ryerson University, is the founder of Splash Effect, a Toronto-based digital marketing firm serving the higher education and technology start-up sectors is an instructor at SenecaSoMe and sits on the advisory committee for the Small Business Program at the Rotman School of Management.

10. The Fundamentals of News Reporting

  • Dr. Ralph Izard, Professor Emeritus
    E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University
    Manship School of Mass Communication, Louisiana State University
Dr. Ralph Izard is professor emeritus in both the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University and the Manship School of Mass Communication, Louisiana State University, where he maintains the title of Sig Mickelson/CBS professor. In 1998-1999, he served a two-year term with the Media Studies Center/First Amendment Center in New York City, where he was online editor of publications and coordinator of the International Initiative for Journalism Education. His work at Ohio University for 32 years included 12 years as director, and he served the Manship School for one year as interim dean. Co-author or editor of six books, Izard’s articles include several on media and educational diversity, journalism ethics and professional development in journalism. Included in his journalistic background is work for two newspapers and in four bureaus of The Associated Press. He has conducted professional journalism workshops on six continents, serving as a consultant for the African University College of Communication in Accra, Ghana; the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management, Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Republic of Georgia; for the United States Information Service in several countries of the South Pacific; and at Mitchell College of Advanced Education in Bathurst, Australia. He was president in 1992-93 of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication and vice president for campus chapter affairs of the Society of Professional Journalists from 1976 to 1979. In 1985, he received the Wells Memorial Key, SPJ’s highest national award for service, and in 2007 the society’s national Distinguished Teaching in Journalism Award.

11. Using to Create Responsive Online Blog/Websites

  • Robin Potter, Professor
    School of English and Liberal Studies
    Seneca College
Robin Potter has been teaching business communication using for three years. A firm believer in the power of various media to inform and influence thought and action, she has created courses using multimedia to broaden discussion and learning over the course of her 25 year teaching career. Now, with the technologies at hand, it is an easier process, which Robin would like to share with anyone wanting to start publishing on the Internet.

12. Leveraging Cultural Diversity into Effective Business Strategy & Opportunity

  • Byron Tobar, Professor
    School of International Business, Faculty of Business
    Seneca College
Byron Tobar’s professional background includes applied research experience using competitive business intelligence, 15 + years project management experience with Advanced Project Management certification, a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, a brown karate belt and an MBA. He has provided leadership, direction, consulting expertise; developed/implemented international projects and held various senior international positions. His broad interests lie in the fascinating and often interconnected aspects of international business, marketing and strategy.

13. Translating Effective Business Strategy into Proactive Business Planning

  • Byron Tobar

14. The Potential of Ethnic Youth, Poly-ethnic and Trans-ethnic Groups for Canadian Ethnic Publishers

  • Sun-Kyung (Sunny) Yi
    Program Coordinator / Professor
    Documentary Filmmaking Institute, Documentary Non-Fiction Program
    School of Creative Arts and Animation
    Seneca College
Sun-Kyung (Sunny) Yi is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist and author. As a journalist, she has written for Canada’s national newspaper The Globe and Mail, as well as The Kitchener-Waterloo Record and The Edmonton Journal. She also worked for the Toronto ethnic newspaper The Korea Times, where she started an English-language edition for second-generation Korean-Canadians. As a broadcaster, Sunny worked as a producer for both CBC TV (The National) and CBC Radio (Metro Morning, Ideas) and as Diversity Manager where she planned and implemented various strategies for CBC across Canada. As a documentary filmmaker Sunny has produced and directed more than fifteen critically acclaimed and award winning works that have been broadcast worldwide. In 2009, in the spirit of giving back to the film industry that continues to nurture and support their artistic endeavors, Sunny created the Documentary Filmmaking Institute (DFI) at Seneca College. The DFI is the first post-secondary education program in the country that focuses exclusively on training its students in the art and business of documentary filmmaking.Sunny Yi immigrated to Canada from South Korea in 1976, and her immigrant experience has profoundly influenced her work in which she continues to explore the themes of diversity, immigration and multiculturalism. Sunny has MA in History from York University and is working on her PhD there, where the focus of her dissertation will be on “being and becoming multicultural” – looking at transnational policies and practices.

15. Welcoming New Canadians; from Desire to Community, Place and Purpose

  • Sun-Kyung (Sunny) Yi

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.