A call for our monthly meeting for Monday DECEMBER 12, 2016

Posted on by John (Ioannis) Saraidaris

A call for our monthly meeting for Monday DECEMBER 12, 2016


Please be advised that our monthly meeting for DECEMBER, 2016, is called as planned for Monday DECEMBER 12, 2016. The meeting is called from 6:00 pm to 9:30 at committee room N#4, second floor, TORONTO CITY HALL, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto On.
Please be informed that the annual Get Together event is scheduled for Friday December the 16, 2016. Participation to this event requires a ticket. In order to ensure participation I am bringing the remaining 21 tickets on DECEMBER 12th. The price is $ 30.00 dollars which includes full dinner, wine and coffee and pastries. The capacity of the hall is 250 people. As now we do have full house I invite VIP’s. There are only 21 tickets left unsold in the office (Out of 250). If any member wants to participate please send us one email and inform us of how many tickets you want. 50 member organizations are participating to this event. Thank you all, I am very proud of all of you. Soon we will start the project of digital sites.
Thank you.

If you are planning to attend the meeting, please notify my office as soon as possible of your intensions and how many person are attending from your organization. I will make parking arrangements with the security of the Toronto City Hall. In order to accommodate you I need to know if you attend or not.
For the members who have not paid their tickets as yet, please mail or bring you chq as we do have to pay the Catering Company.

I am looking forward to welcome you to our meeting.
Thank you,
Thomas S. Saras

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