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All the press releases for meetings, events and special issues are posted here. This area is dedicated to the Members, Board of Directors and the President of NEPMCC.

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on M...

Elections: The New Board of NEPMCC from March 2017 – 2019
President Thomas Saras read out the names of the proposed Board of Directors as received and suggested by the Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Tajdolati.

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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on F...

Presentation and Ethnic Roundtable with Toronto Mayor John Tory, Councillor Gary Crawford and Executive Director Financial Planning, City of Toronto Josie LaVita on the City Budget 2017
Some of the highlights of the presentation were as follows

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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on J...

President Thomas Saras suggested moving the next monthly meeting on February 6 as part of the special roundtable with Mayor John Tory.

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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on D...

Mr. Thomas Saras chaired the meeting and declared the meeting open. Sandeep Prabhakar moved a motion to approve the agenda. Jonathan Annobil seconded it.
Imran Bashir made presentation on the digital publishing platform to be undertaken on behalf of the members of NEPMCC.

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A call for our monthly meeting for Monda...

The meeting is called from 6:00 pm to 9:30 at committee room N#4, second floor, TORONTO CITY HALL, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto On.
Please be informed that the annual Get Together event is scheduled for Friday December the 16, 2016. Participation to this event requires a ticket. In order to ensure participation I am bringing the remaining 21 tickets on DECEMBER 12th. The price is $ 30.00 dollars which includes full dinner, wine and coffee and pastries. The capacity of the hall is 250 people.

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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on N...

• Tickets for Annual Gala Dinner to be held on December 16 was distributed during the meeting for a subsidized rate of $30 per ticket. President Thomas Saras encouraged all members to participate with their families. All levels of Government have been invited for this Gala dinner and it will be a great way to wind up another great year at NEPMCC and prepare for the next year.

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