On the 2nd Monday of every month, NEPMCC conducts monthly meetings at the Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario. In case of public holiday(s), the meeting is scheduled for the third Monday. Meeting agendas are posted here.

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on N...

The Special Measures for Journalism 2021 component of the Canada Periodical Fund provides recovery funding to Canadian magazines and community newspapers to support organizations that are still struggling due to the pandemic. The component provides funds for the 2021-2022 fiscal year to publishers that have a free circulation model or low levels of paid circulation.

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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on O...

Thomas Saras urged the members to participate in different projects that are available. If there is lack of adequate participation, the funds would go back to its source and in future the allocations of such funds could be limited.

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Canada Day: A celebration of love, than...

The first of July, each year, is a special milestone for every resident of Canada, whether he is part of the indigenous Indian communities, whether he belongs to communities of English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians, or is a member of the communities of the great human mosaic that adorns and is part of the great, liberal state administration of North America.

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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on M...

• Thomas Saras welcomed everyone to the online monthly meeting of May 10, 2021. During this difficult time the President reflected on the measures taken by NEPMCC to help its fellow members through various projects such as internship, LJI and others. He appreciated the hard work from everyone including Maria Saras- Voutsinas, Hon. Joe Volpe, Dr. Tajdolati and all other members who worked extremely hard during the exceedingly difficult year 2020 as a committee on various projects of NEPMCC

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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on S...

Thomas Saras welcomed everyone online to the very important online monthly meeting September 14, 2020. He welcomed members from all over Canada. He said till situation improves this is the way NEPMCC might conduct future meetings and also hoped that we could also meet in City Hall when the situation improves.

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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on A...

Since the lockdown President Thomas Saras, is working everyday so that members get help. NEPMCC had another productive year and the organization is working on a number of important projects this year which will benefit all the members. President Thomas Saras said that this year the Government will reward all legitimate ethnic media houses as it has a budget for it. All members that are in good standing with NEPMCC stands to get benefitted by its association.

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