Our Objectives

Clarifying the goals of our operation, speaking on behalf of the voiceless and helping those who need our intervention is our objective. We are working for social justice, equality for all and freedom of the press.


National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada
Conseil National de la Press et Medias Ethnicques du Canada

To unite, represent, serve and negotiate the interests of the members of the Ethnic Press and Electronic Media of Canada;

To promote and integrate the economic, social and cultural interests of the Ethnic Press and Electronic Media, as well as of the multicultural communities of Canada into the mainstream Canadian society;

To encourage unity among its members and the Ethnic Communities, to promote their social, cultural and political involvement activities, and political participation in the democratic process of Canada;

To promote excellence in journalism among the members of the Ethnic Press and Electronic Media of Canada;

To serve as a forum for the study and discussion of barriers faced by ethnic groups, the Press and Electronic Media, and help them integrate fully into the mainstream society;

To gather and disseminate information which will lead to better understanding and cooperation among the various ethnic groups in Canada and the mainstream society;

To promote the economic and social status of the members of the Ethnic Press and Electronic Media as well as the multicultural communities of Canada;

To study and interpret Canada’s role in international affairs and its position in relation to all nations dedicated to upholding the ideals of freedom and democracy;

To defend, in a lawful manner, the Charter of Rights and freedoms as part of the Canadian Constitution, and to promote the basic principles of Human Rights as presented by the International Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, by the United Nations;

To promote multiculturalism and to defend the freedoms of all Canadians, the Constitution, and the Unity of Canada.