“Writers and poets have always searched for the Canadian identity; almost instinctively, Canadians have tended to say that they are French Canadians or English Canadians or Ukrainian Canadians or whatever, or simply new Canadians. But what is Canada itself? With the charter in place, we can now say that Canada is a society where all people are equal and where they share some fundamental values based upon freedom." - Memoirs, Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Our Mission

To unite, represent and serve the interest of the members. To encourage unity among our members, to promote the social, cultural and political involvement and participation of the members, in the democratic process of Canada and to promote excellence in journalism among the members of the Ethnic Press and Media. To defend, in a lawful manner, the Charter of Rights and freedoms as part of the Canadian Constitution and to promote the basic principles of Human Rights, as presented by the International Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, by the United Nations.

Service/Financial Partnership: NEPMCC is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization. It represents over 500 members of the ethnic press and media from across Canada with capability to read, write and translate over 120 various languages from different cultures. We welcome both government and corporate financial partnership/support. Contact (link to contact us) our office for further details.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Our list of events (link to events main page) offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities which provides associated high profile exposure to your organization. Contact our office to discuss about sponsorship packages available for this year.

2009 NEPMCC Professional Development Training Seminar

Contact information:Site Administrator John (Ioannis) S. Saraidaris email: jsaras@sympatico.ca / 647 402 3561